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Police chief’s resignation will compensate for neglect

Re: Police chief reprimanded for stowing loaded weapon

Re: Police chief reprimanded for stowing loaded weapon in vehicle (News Feb. 24).

The loss of any equipment shows negligence and just a lack of caring.

Furthermore, with the number of occurrences of this nature across Canada to learn from, it shows a definite disregard to ensure strict standards in the maintenance, storage and updating of equipment are in place.

To add insult to injury, Victoria Police officials will not say what their standards are, however, given this incident, it is safe to say, they are very low.

The Victoria Police Board must recognize the public interest in maintaining strict control over police-issued use-of-force options, and that this is an act of gross negligence that has put the general public at extreme risk.

If the Chief Constable wants to repair the damage to public confidence, he should resign.

William Perry