Premier Clark’s TV spot didn’t impress voter

B.C. taxes not as low as Liberal leader would have us think

Now that the election campaign has officially begun, I would like to comment on the Liberal government’s pre-election advertising spot.

Not only was it crass and wasteful, it was untrue. To say that B.C. taxes are low without considering the burden of the health insurance “tax” (called premiums) is at least misleading. This tax does not exist in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

For my partner and I, it is more than $130 per month; not easy to take when living on a pension. The Liberals have certainly lowered taxes for their corporate friends, but for ordinary B.C. residents, we do not have the lowest provincial taxes. Far from it.

Enough of this anti-NDP coalition and enough of Christy Clark. I would rather pay taxes for public services, not government advertising.

Brian Cousins