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Premier Horgan blows gas

Re: B.C. premier pitches plan for less gas from cattle ( News , July 28)

Re: B.C. premier pitches plan for less gas from cattle (News, July 28)

John Horgan’s claim that methane emissions from cattle are causing catastrophic warming of the earth’s climate has been rejected as unscientific.

Quoting the Friends of Science organization: “According to Paraguayan agricultural expert Albrecht Glatzle, as published in the journal Pastoralism (2014), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has never done a proper baseline of emissions for livestock. Glatzle deconstructs the methodological deficiencies of the negative assessment of livestock In the Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering.”

And Horgan fails history – the medieval warm period was warmer than today, yet the earth’s climate was stable.

But hey! I say, we already know Hypocrite Horgan’s accuracy, such as the phoney reason for a power grab of premature election and propping up the taxi cartel despite campaigning against cronyism.

Horgan is warming the climate with his hot air. Why do people vote for such exploiters?

Good riddance!

Keith Sketchley


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