Return of ‘royal’ pleases ex-sailor

Royal Canadian Navy

Re: ‘Royal’ restored to military names (News, Aug. 19)

I was delighted to note the return of the proper title to our Navy. I was a member for more than 38 years and suffered through the grinding years of unification which was seemingly ordered to gratify the ambitions of a failed politician who wanted to be prime minister.

I have a friend who told me that he was present when our prime minister at the time, Lester Pearson, said that if one more senior officer spoke out publicly against the outlandish concept, he would cancel the whole boondoggle.

It is indeed sad when traditions and customs are unceremoniously dumped for spurious reasons. Let time change some things slowly as our society evolves but think carefully of unsuspected consequences.

There will be some who quibble at the restoration of the “royal” but what do they think about the 138 royal organizations (according to Wikipedia) which exist or have existed in Canada? Bet some of them even golf or go yachting at a “royal” club.

W. A. Hughes