Ruffolo makes mockery of our justice system

Re: Convicted murderer released on bail (News, May 21)

I continue, 7½ years after the murder of John Ruffolo at the hands of his wife, to be absolutely amazed and disgusted at how our justice system works.

Ruby Ann Ruffolo, with law degree in hand, has made a complete mockery of our judicial system, manipulating it at every turn.

But why wouldn’t she when she has been repeatedly allowed to do so?  Ruby Ann Ruffolo is a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

To now have another judge release the convicted murderer back into society pending a decision on whether her appeal will even be granted is absolutely ludicrous.

Backing this release up by stating that Ruffolo had never killed prior to her husband’s murder and that the mode of the murder was a factor in the decision is absolutely disgusting.

Dead is dead. It doesn’t matter how it was done.

All that matters is that it was carried out in a methodical, purposeful and premeditated manner and that John Ruffolo will never see his family or friends again.

Shannon Nakatsu