Self-righteous NDP lost election on their own

Middle of the road party wished for by Victoria writer

Re: Electors in B.C. fooled by Liberals (Letters, May 17)

I suggest that it is the lack of comprehension of the real reason for the NDP failure and non mea culpa attitudes of the likes of Mr. Perkins that may well keep the NDP out of office for some considerable time.

The election was lost by the NDP, rather than won by the Liberals. Simply put, the majority of the electorate had three main issues the NDP inadequately addressed. The first, second and third were concern about the economy.

With the current world financial uncertainty, it is natural that thoughtful voters would be uneasy with a party which has traditionally focused on redistribution of wealth, rather than creation of wealth. The NDP put forward an election platform which called for spending on a plethora of social programs before knowing if they were affordable or how they could be financed, other than simply by increasing taxes to corporations and the rich.

I would also suggest that the NDP’s self-righteous view, that all of B.C. is against oil pipelines and more tankers in the straits of Juan de Fuca, is off the mark and cost them crucial votes.

It would be wonderful to have a government that would simultaneously champion economic growth and have rewards shared more equitably; one that increased spending on social programs and education, commensurate with financial resources, and reviewed key environmental issues with the objective rationale of risk versus economic benefit, rather than driven by political dogma.

Alas, I fear that neither of the two main parties in B.C. have the will or the ability to deliver what may be viewed as a utopian wish. Oh, for a middle of the road party for middle of the road voters.

Hope springs eternal.

James McMillan