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Shift of police priorities needed in Capital Region

Better use of resources would come with direction from elected officials

Re: Night of mayhem linked to mental health issue (

It is indeed puzzling how police forces did not find a vehicle observed to run several red lights.

No, amalgamation would not likely prevent the shortcoming – police forces do co-ordinate on traffic safety, though a single dispatch system would expedite that. Co-ordination with departments outside the Greater Victoria area might have, such as the Shawnigan Lake RCMP.

It is of course a big city, with many side streets to hide in. But I suggest police would more likely have found the troubled driver if they were on the street more often.

Police should be discretely positioned near major intersections such as Douglas Street and Saanich Road, Gorge and Tillicum roads, Gorge and Admirals roads, McKenzie Avenue and Highway 1, and Vernon Street near Saanich police headquarters. They’d catch more drunks and other dangerous drivers earlier and potentially save people’s lives.

But voters behave as though they don’t want to prevent such a driver, who could have killed someone walking, bicycling or driving. They elect officials who would rather spend on glitz, pet do-gooder projects, and handouts to moochers such as TV show promoters.

Voters are getting what the majority chose. With municipal elections looming they should rethink their behaviour.

Keith Sketchley