Tea Party complaints sound cynical at best

One person raining on Tea Party parade not enough to change for change's sake

Re: Oak Bay Tea Party left a bitter taste (Letters, June 19)

Jim Nicholl’s attempt to sour the memory of this year’s Oak Bay Tea Party celebrations should not go unanswered.

As I heard the screams of delight from those on each of the rides at Willows Park and watched them thrill to the experience they had safely enjoyed as they dismounted, clearly the mighty dollar was the last thing in mind as they dashed to the next one.

Sure, the cost isn`t cheap, but to claim the whole event was overshadowed by exorbitant prices and alarmingly short rides is utter nonsense. Furthermore, to proffer this as a valid reason for the exclusion of midway activities from future Tea Party weekends because he doesn’t believe that “the cost to participate in the rides equates to any sort of positive return” is just too cynical for words.

Who ever suggested that there should be a cost-benefit analysis for rides on a ferris wheel or bumper cars?

Heaven protect us from kill-joys who promote change for change’s sake just because fun for the children of all ages who flock to the Tea Party costs more than it used to.

This year the spirit and behaviour of riders and carnival staff was again, exemplary and during my several hours on site, nothing seemed to get in the way of  ‘a great time for everyone,’ which is what tea parties and carnivals are about.

Derrick Johns

Oak Bay