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Therapeutic rabbits saved stressed students’ lives

Re: UVic will begin euthanizing remaining rabbits in March (News, Jan. 26)

For a number of years, it’s been proven beyond doubt in seniors homes, hospitals, schools, etc., certain animals have a positive therapeutic effect on adults and children of all ages. Possibly the best stress reliever I can think of is to sit quietly and stroke, or just see different breeds of animals.

 UVic is about to remove all the rabbits from the university grounds and from April on, any rabbit seen will be trapped and killed. Only a committee of money-minded people could have made such a stupid decision as this one. Who cares if a few extra stressed-out students lost their heads, as long as money is saved on up-keeping the grounds.

The rabbits have probably saved more lives than we can imagine just by being there and they have been there for a lot of years. The rabbits are also a good tourist attraction – when I arrived in Victoria I was amazed and delighted to see them on the grounds.

Can any reader or university accountant tell me when saving a dollar took priority over de-stressing people’s nerves and possibly saving lives?

Arthur Hoolachan


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