Too many changes needed for mail switch to be positive

Letter writer anticipates Canada Post move to community mailboxes will require too many infrastructure changes with an eye on safety

Re: Politicians criticize Canada Post consultation (News, Feb. 7)

I live in Gordon Head. In my neighbourhood and similar areas in Saanich there are few, if any, sidewalks, many cul-de-sac intersections with bad sight lines, no pavement markings, and few stop signs. There are many times when there is room for only one moving vehicle down the road because cars parked on each side often restrict roadway space. Motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and children use the roads and are at risk. The roads are not safe places to walk.

Postal workers know the roads are risky places.   Most in my area walk across lawns as they deliver mail.

The municipal government should lead the way in developing a consultative process on this move by Canada Post, as the roadways in many of our established neighbourhoods will probably need significant safety upgrades as every household every day goes out to get the mail at the community mailbox.

Safety upgrades such as sidewalks, 30 km/h speed limits, more crosswalks, better lighting, improved sight lines for motorists, parking restrictions for one side of the road, etc. are all changes that need to be considered. It seems to me these are all areas of municipal responsibility and cost, and where those Canada Post community boxes go or don’t go is critical.

David Steeves