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Unacceptable treatment of pets a serious matter

Consequences should be greater for those found abusing animals

Re: Man faces animal cruelty charges (News, Aug. 28)

I read that this man abused an animal in 2009 and again in May 2013. It absolutely infuriates me.

Why would it be all right for him to have a pet again for a third time?

Abusing an animal once is completely unacceptable and terribly cruel. In my opinion, if a person abuses an animal once they should never be allowed to have a pet again, ever.  Also if one cannot provide basic needs for an animal such as shelter, water and food, they should seriously reconsider adopting the pet.

All pets deserve to have their basic needs provided for by a responsible owner who will also give much love and attention to their pet. After all, pets are part of the family and one loves and cares for family members.

Tamara Shiels