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University of Victoria misguided on plans for additional cyling path

Inside lane of Ring Road would serve the purpose perfectly, writes longtime UVic walker

I’m writing to express my concern with respect to the new cycling path alongside Ring Road.

I am dismayed that, at a time when most acknowledge the world has too much cement and pavement, the University of Victoria finds it acceptable to add more to this problem.

As an acceptable alternative, I believe the university should close the left lane of Ring Road and convert it to a full cycling lane around the university. I point out that neither Finnerty or Henderson roads have dual lanes in one direction.

As a very long-time walker on the UVic campus, I rarely see traffic sufficient to justify the current two lanes. In fact, the left lane is most often used by cyclists tooling around the road, so already halfway to my recommendation.

I would please ask that you refer this recommendation to the UVic cycling committee and/or engineering department to consider prior to any further expansion of the new cycle path. To restate, the new path is poorly designed, is intrusive into what was once beautiful green space, is ugly to boot and is totally unnecessary.

So I ask that you please not make the situation worse by extending the current new trail as proposed, and seriously consider closing the unnecessary and mostly unused left lane of ring road for conversion into a bicycle lane.

This suggestion is win-win-win for everyone. Thanks for your consideration of this issue.

Dave Poje