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Victoria neighbourhood rife with unthinking speeders

Plenty of sad stories relating to speeding drivers in James Bay

I’ve lived on the corner of Menzies and Niagara streets for the last four years. I came home last night to find a young crow, dead on the side of the road, quite probably a victim to the ridiculous speeding we who live here endure on a daily basis.

About two months ago a woman wept while her dog died after being hit at our corner. They were out walking together.

I hear the speeders coming south from the five corners at Thrifty Foods, some so fast and loud the old windows in my living room vibrate.

I have seen many of them sail through the stop sign on their way to Dallas Road. They are either going too fast to see the stop sign or don’t see any oncoming traffic and decide to keep going.

There are several families with children that live on this street. There are several pet owners as well. I am sure I don’t have to mention the large senior population that also resides here.

How is a senior expected get out of the way of a speeding car or motorcycle? Do we have to wait until someone dies before something is done? Is that what it will take to make a change?

I invite you to spend some time on the bench at five corners, especially on the weekend, and watch the traffic speed by.

Ann Hagel