Weaver’s actions somehow ignored

Green MLA's voting record belies his campaign stance

Re: Watershed time for B.C. Greens (Our View, Aug. 30)

Your editorial is timely. Some of us who live in Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding were dismayed that the Green candidate, Andrew Weaver and his party were not held to the same standard as other candidates and parties.

For example, while every other party produced a cost estimate of their promises, the Greens chose not to. Hence it was impossible, from a rational analysis of the multitude of promises in their Green Book, to identify either any sense of priorities or a coherent implementation plan.

In short, it was an uncosted and incoherent wish list. Thus one promise, among many in the platform, became increasingly dubious: the promise of a balanced budget.

Weaver called the proposed Liberal budget a bogus document, as it was based on long-term promises of fantasy liquefied natural gas plant revenues. However, in the subsequent sitting of the legislature he voted with the Liberals in support of the budget. He expressed no confidence in the government in the campaign, yet upon his election votes confidence in the same government: a very confusing act, which once again the mainstream media somehow ignored. Perhaps the editorial headline should have read “Watershed time for B.C. Greens and the B.C. Media”?

Ron Faris