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Who’s really responsible for transfer fraud?

Re: Transfer fraud bilks B.C. Transit (News, March 25)

Cheating on bus transfers costs transit more than $200,000 a year? What piffle. Where is the evidence: the mysterious glasses case of transfers, the phantom YouTube and Facebook pages?

They only exist in the minds of Transit bureaucracy, which wants to rid the buses of those pesky passengers. Who is perpetrating this fraud? University and college students who pay, whether they like it or not, for bus passes? Maybe it’s those homeless people looking for a warm ride? If anyone can handle the logistics of making or collecting transfers with all 26 letter codes and the dozen or more time codes, transit should hire them. They are geniuses.

No, it is the ongoing goal of Transit to eliminate the buses and the non-elected transit board just nods and goes along with staff like the sheep they are.

Victoria will become a laughing stock once our bus transfers are shortened from 90 minutes to one hour. The likes of mayors Christopher Causton, Dean Fortin and Frank Leonard are used to that and, after all, their job is to placate bureaucrats, not deal with the riffraff or the environment.

Patrick Murphy


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