Vic High rowers, one boat, one gold

Rowers win junior girls doubles at St. Catharines

Only two rowers from the Vic High rowing team made it to the recent Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association championships in St. Catherine’s, Ont.

It was all the school needed to win gold.

Allie (Alexandra) Eaton and Numa Dorling added the CSSRA championship in the junior girls doubles to the city school championship they won earlier this year.

Vic High’s boys quad team was held back by an injury to one of its rowers.

It’s a huge accomplishment for such a small program, said teacher Norma Jee.

Jee was helped by coaches Connor Elsdon-McLeod, Alex Walker and Sara McGuigan, all of whom are recent Vic High alumni and part of the school’s rowing team.

One to look out for, said Jee, is rookie Alex Erwin, a rowing novice this year.

“Erwin grew in strength and skill and contributed so much to his team he was chosen for the Vic High Rowing Trophy this year.”