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Restauranteur hopes dinner for poor catches on

West Coast Waffles serves meal to stuggling families
Mustard Seed Waffle Dinner 1
Don Denton/News staff West Coast Waffles will be hosting 50 people who regulariy use the Mustard Seed Food Bank to a dinner out at the restaurant on Feb. 6. Restaurant owner Jordan Brown

A Victoria business owner is serving breakfast for dinner, and struggling Victoria families are the beneficiaries.

The owner of West Coast Waffles will serve up breakfast-inspired meals on Feb. 6 for families who rarely get to eat dinner out.

"I came up with this idea that, there's a lot of kids that love waffles - it's a family staple - but there's not a lot of opportunity for (some) people to go out as families," said Jordan Brown, owner of West Coast Waffles on Broad Street.

With help from the Mustard Seed, 50 people, including children, will be invited to the waffle restaurant's family dinner night, where restaurant staff will volunteer their time to cook and serve waffles.

"Rather than pick up a hamper, we're going to provide an experience for them and give them a dinner out in their community," Brown said.

At 24, Brown is young for a business owner. He said his age gives him "a new perspective on business and the pursuit ... of building a sustainable enterprise."

He hopes his initiative to treat the poor to a dinner night out will inspire other restauranteurs to do the same.

"When I see poverty, I see a lot of bleakness," Brown said. "In the kids, I want to inspire a sense of wonder, hope, excitement. In kids there's still so much hope and they're being programmed by our generation as to what's possible for them. I hope they might walk away with a lasting memory."

The dinner is by invite only.