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Belmont students win $40K scholarships

Award goes to students for achievements in overcoming adversity and excelling in their studies
Megan Omran and Ariah Cummings (right) have each been named winners of $40,000 scholarships from the Cmolik Foundation. (Courtesy of the Cmolik Foundation)

Two Belmont Secondary School students have each won a $40,000 scholarship to help them pay their university tuition.

Grade 12 students Megan Omran and Ariah Cummings were awarded scholarships by the Cmolik Foundation for their success in overcoming adversity and excelling in their studies.

Omran has been accepted to the University of Victoria’s physics program, with the goal of eventually teaching astrophysics.

“I have been interested in astrophysics since I was a child; long before I even knew what physics even was! For the past four years, I have been in contact with astronomers from all over Canada, and I have attended astronomy lectures. In March I will begin a part-time co-op position at the observatory in Victoria to research how stars form. I love science and I can hardly wait to be in the position to ignite the same excitement in others in teaching or mentoring,” Omran said in a statement.

Cummings plans to study biology or chemistry at York University before going to medical school.

“I love science and medicine because you never know everything, there is always more to learn,” she said.

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