Stockings donated to homeless

Sally Ann distributes red socks, bought by Nood shoppers

Pat Humble

Pat Humble

More than 1,400 people living on Victoria’s streets will don flashy, but clean, red socks, thanks to a fundraiser.

Customers of a home decor brand donated more than $20,000 to buy warm socks for the homeless in Victoria and Vancouver.

“Socks are hard to come by and we don’t get them very often,” said Lindsay Byers, a Salvation Army spokesperson.

“By the time winter is finished, they’re holey, worn through and they’re pretty nasty. We try to give them out all year.”

The Red Sock Project sought $2 donations from customers at Nood (in Victoria, on lower Yates Street) between Nov. 13 and Dec. 31, 2010, and raised enough to buy 10,662 pairs of red socks. Victoria received 1,440 pairs.

They are being distributed by the Salvation Army.

Byers said people often donate jeans, jackets, shirts and gloves, but rarely do clean socks come in for the people who sleep on the streets.