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Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary expansion to further preservation of area

Another 1,089 square metres acquired on the west side of the lake
Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary is expanding thanks to land acquisition by the District of Saanich. (Photo courtesy of the District of Saanich)

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is continuing its expansion following the acquisition of land by the District of Saanich.

Already spanning more than 160 acres, the acquisition will see another 1,089 square metres added to the sanctuary on the west side of the lake.

Comprised of the low wetland area surrounding the lake and the oak-forested Christmas Hill summit, the sanctuary serves as a vital habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife.

Swan Lake executive director Cara Gibson said the acquisition will allow for further preservation of the area.

The District of Saanich began acquiring lands around Swan Lake and Christmas Hill in the 1960s to ensure its protection and has acquired 29 properties in the immediate Swan Lake area to date.

“Our ongoing experience with the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the critical value of urban parks as the green jewels in our cityscape, ” Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes said in a statement.

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