LETTER: Let horses fulfill their mission

LETTER: Let horses fulfill their mission

Re: Horses’ well-being should guide decision on carriages. From my perspective, the nature of the horses in question is that they are happily following the ways of their ancestors. They come from a long line of horses that have been tamed and bred to be heavy horses that pull heavy loads.

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If they are shown respect and care by humans they will, in turn, give freely and willingly of this talent. They are work horses and the last thing they want is to be put out to pasture. They are well trained and the coaches are clearly marked. Any drivers I’ve watched are capable and know and understand the animals over which they have charge.

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In my days as a farmer there were two alternatives if horses could not work. Farm horses were shot in the head and their carcasses buried, or they were shipped by rail to a rendering plant (aka glue factory). If called, some veterinarians used lethal injection. In a quick check, today a horse’s end of life is governed by modern legislation but it’s still death by injection or by gun.

I speak for the life of the horses and for them fulfilling their mission in life and avoiding such an unsatisfactory end.

Jean Howell