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WATCH: RT anchor Liz Wahl quits on-air, slams Putin's actions into Ukraine

Wahl told viewers of RT America that she could not be part of a network that 'whitewashes the action of Putin' and then resigned.
Anchor Liz Wahl announces her resignation from RT America

Anchor Liz Wahl resigned from her position at RT America on Wednesday, ending her on-air broadcast with a monologue ripping the news outlet's political slant and funding.

(RT stands for Russia Today and the channel's slogan is 'Question More'.)

"Personally, I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government, that whitewashes the actions of Putin," Wahl said. "I'm proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth and that is why, after this newscast, I am resigning."

Russian troops have invaded and taken control of much of Crimea, an area of Ukraine.

Ukraine's president has since called on Russian president Vladimir Putin to "stop this mess."

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that Canada will send two "observers" on an "unarmed military mission" to Ukraine.

Harper also called Russia's invasion of the country "a clear violation of international law."

After her broadcast, Wahl spoke to The Daily Beast about her resignation.

"When I came on board from the beginning I knew what I was getting into, but I think I was more cautious and tried to stay as objective as I could," she said.

"It actually makes me feel sick that I worked there... It's not a sound news organization, not when your agenda is making America look bad."

(Read The Daily Beast's full story and interview with Wahl, by reporter James Kirchick.)

Wahl started off her broadcast with the following editorial:

"Last night, RT made international headlines when one of our anchors went on the record and said Russian intervention in Crimea is wrong. And, indeed, as a reporter on this network I face many ethical and moral challenges, especially me personally coming from a family whose grandparents, my grandparents came here as refugees during the Hungarian revolution, ironically to escape the Soviet forces.

"I have family on the opposite side on my mother's side, that sees the daily grind of poverty, and I'm very lucky to have grown up here in the United States.

"I'm the daughter of a veteran. My partner is a physician at a military base where he sees every day the first-hand accounts of the ultimate prices that people pay for this country."

Here's anchor Abby Martin – "one of our anchors" as Wahl called her – denouncing Russia's invasion of Crimea: