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‘Bled dry’: Victoria drivers woke up to find gas thieves had emptied vehicles

Gas prices have been dropping, but thieves still want to take yours
Some Victoria drivers woke up to find their gas tanks had been emptied. (Pexels photo)

Gas prices have been steadily dropping these past few months in Greater Victoria – from well over $2 a litre to a current rate of around $1.65.

But that hasn’t stopped thieves from thirsting for your fuel.

Several Victoria residents contacted Black Press Media to complain that in the past week they have woken up to find their gas tanks had been emptied by thieves.

Streets where these residents live include Fort, Begbie, Rockland, Denman and Shelbourne.

A woman named Terri, who didn’t want her last name used, said she went to her vehicle on Dec. 28 and noticed something weird.

“My gas cap was open,” she said. “Then I saw that other cars on the street had their gas caps open. When I started my car, the needle was near zero. I had been bled dry by someone. It looks like other cars on my street had the same thing happen to them.”

Terri and others said they were going to go buy locking gas caps to try to prevent this from happening again.

Others said they would take action to put their vehicle in a locked garage.

“Our building charges $70 to park in the garage which is why I’ve been parking on the street, but between this and having my car vandalized earlier this year, I guess it’s now worth it,” said Noah Vinder. “Scumbags just making our lives miserable to make a few bucks.”

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