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People ‘abusing’ Langford by camping in RVs on main road: resident

The situation has been going on for three years
A section of the golf course fence which has been backed into and become an eyesore, according to Langford resident Ralph King. (Thomas Eley/News Staff)

The recreational and commercial vehicles parking along Goldstream Avenue need to go, says Langford resident Ralph King.

People park and sleep in their vehicles, leaving a trail of garbage behind, and while King is sympathetic to people who might be unhoused, this situation has been going on for three years, he said.

“People coming into Langford using this stretch of road will see all this mess,” said King. “We used to be known as the ‘dog patch,’ which reminds me of what Langford used to be like.”

The vehicles line Goldstream Avenue between Vantilum Avenue and stretching up to the border of Colwood, King said.

“I have approached the Langford council and nothing seems ever to get done, and when a bylaw officer comes to do an inspection, people will just get in their cars and park them an extra 100 metres up the road.”

King said that he has never approached the owners of the RVs as once they park their vehicles, they tend to disappear for the day, and on some, the number of commercial vehicles that park along that stretch can climb into the high twenties.

“These people have been abusing this area for too long. They had torn up the road, which had been repaved before these people turned up, and even backed into the golf course fence.”

King said that the area used to be used for people who wanted to park their cars and catch the bus to another part of the West Shore and would like to see that return.

“The council could give free parking to those parking for work, make it illegal to park these big commercial trucks and RVs – they are an eyesore.”

King said that the blame for this mess does not belong to the current council and mayor, and that this problem predated them, with the first RV turning up just before the pandemic.

“As far as I am concerned, neither council has done enough to sort this mess out.”

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