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Tire slasher severs artery in his leg after vehicle parks too close to his: cops

Tire slasher severs artery in his leg: police

SAANICH, B.C. — Police on Vancouver Island say a man acting "possibly out of frustration" over someone's parking ended up in hospital Thursday evening after stabbing himself in the leg.

Saanich police say a 37-year-old man from Esquimalt, B.C., was parked at an arena and returned to find a vehicle parked close to his.

Acting Sgt. Jereme Leslie says the man used a knife to puncture one of the vehicle's tires and stabbed himself.

"At this point the man realized he would need to attend the hospital due to his self-inflicted stab wound," Leslie said in a news release.

The man tried to drive himself to the hospital but police say because he was losing so much blood, he called an ambulance.

Police say the man severed an artery in his leg and had to undergo surgery.

Their investigation of the incident continues.

The Canadian Press