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Neighbours save badly burned 5-year-old from B.C. Halloween house fire

Boy sustained burns to 35% of his body
Enzo Wilson underwent surgery after suffering extensive burns in a fire that destroyed his family’s home on Halloween night. (GoFundMe photo)

A five-year-old boy underwent surgery on Wednesday morning to treat burns to 35 per cent of his body following a house fire on Halloween night in Cowichan.

Enzo Wilson, the youngest of Phil and Loretta Wilson’s seven kids, suffered the injuries when his family’s home on Miller Road burned on Sunday.

Neighbours and an uncle are being hailed as a hero for rescuing Enzo from the fire.

According to Loretta’s mother Lucetta George-Grant, the entire family did exactly what they needed to do for everyone to get out alive.

“Rick Wilson, we can never repay you for saving our Enzo,” she wrote in a Facebook update. “A true hero that deserves so much more then a thank you. You put his little life before your own. There are truly no words to share with everyone that could tell them what we feel in our hearts for you. Phil, you have shown us all your undying love for your family. Putting your life in danger, but never giving up until your whole family was safe.”

George-Grant said Ethan is “the best big brother there is, putting your fears aside to ensure everyone was safe and going back to help your dad…You are still very young, but stepped up to be an amazing man who only cared for his family’s well being.”

George-Grant also mentioned the other older children were diligent in following instructions and doing what they needed to do to keep the smaller children and the dogs safe while the adults were trying to get to Enzo.

”Someday I hope to forget what I’ve seen,” she wrote. “Someday I hope to not hear the sounds I heard that night. Thank you to the neighbours who heard the screams for help and came running to help in any way you could. The bravery of these heroes is much too great to be unknown. The bravery of these heroes should not be forgotten.”

Phil, Loretta, and their son were taken to three different hospitals. Phil was treated and released from Victoria General while Loretta was treated at Vancouver General and has since been released. Both parents have non-life-threatening injuries and suffered from significant smoke inhalation.

Both parents now sit at Enzo’s bedside at Children’s hospital in Vancouver, while the other children stay with family.

”They let us know that he has a long healing journey ahead of him. He will need multiple surgeries, skin grafts and rehabilitation,” George-Grant said. “Our prayers continue to be with Enzo. He is such a fighter and so strong. We have witnessed his strength and are going to do our best to mirror that strength.”

According to Loretta’s sister, Darla Smith, the fire destroyed the home.

“Philip and Loretta will have to take some time off of work to take care of their son, Enzo, who unfortunately will require intensive medical care in Vancouver,” Smith wrote on a GoFundMe page. “While we, their family will continue to support their basic living needs, I would like to help them begin to look forward to rebuilding their home so they can eventually return home once Enzo is released from the hospital.”

The GoFundMe page can be found at:

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