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Bulldog puppy surrendered to SPCA needs eye surgery

BC SPCA seeking community donations for dog with cherry eye
Lulu is a nine-month-old Bantam bulldog puppy who needs eye surgery. (SUBMITTED PHOTO)

The BC SPCA is looking for some financial help for a bulldog puppy who needs eye surgery.

Lulu is a nine-month-old Bantam bulldog puppy who was brought to the Alberni-Clayoquot branch of the SPCA by her owner, who could no longer care for her. She has a number of health issues.

“Poor Lulu has a condition commonly known as cherry eye in both of her eyes,” explained Leon Davis, the BC SPCA’s senior manager for Vancouver Island and the coastal region. “She is also suffering from a secondary eye infection, an infection in both ears and she may also have environmental allergies.”

Cherry eye is the prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid. It is repaired by surgically placing the gland back in its proper location. When left untreated, cherry eye can become irritating to the dog who will then rub and paw at the eye. Not only does this cause further inflammation of the cherry eye, but it can also cause conjunctivitis and possible corneal injury, which can result in eye damage and vision loss.

Lulu received the necessary surgery to correct the cherry eye and was also spayed. Unfortunately, while Lulu was recovering, the glands in her eyes prolapsed again and the SPCA says she will require yet another surgery.

“According to her vet, this is quite common with this kind of eye issue, especially when the glands are as large as Lulu’s,” said Davis.

Even with all of Lulu’s health issues, this playful and outgoing puppy didn’t waste any time making herself at home with her BC SPCA foster.

“As soon as Lulu walked in the door, she hopped right up on the couch,” said Davis. “At night she snuggles up to her foster Mom in bed, laying her head on the pillow, and falls into a deep sleep snoring loudly.”

Lulu will continue with treatments under veterinary care until she makes a full recovery. She will be looking for her forever home once she is medically cleared, which will be in approximately four weeks.

To help Lulu and other animals in need at the BC SPCA, please visit

About the Author: Alberni Valley News Staff

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