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Cigarette causes early morning deck fire in Victoria

Damages are estimated at $10,000

An improperly discarded cigarette was found to be the cause of an overnight fire in the 1100-block of Kings Road.

When the Victoria Fire Department arrived smoke could be seen in the area. A resident met firefighters and reported their rear deck was on fire.

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Fifteen firefighters, two engines, an aerial ladder truck and a rescue truck were called to the scene early Friday morning to extinguish the fire.

The quick thinking and actions of the residents who were attempting to put out the fire with their garden hose when crews arrived helped limit the spread

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Firefighters made sure the blaze was fully extinguished before checking the upper floor and attic of the house where smoke had entered through a vent. The fire did not extend into that area.

The extent of the damage was limited to a small deck and soffit area with slight cosmetic damage to an exterior wall. Damages were estimated at $10,000.

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