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Cory Monteith: Police awaiting autopsy, urge fans to follow @VancouverPD Twitter

An autopsy and toxicology test are scheduled for Monday. The Vancouver Police Department says it will update the public on Twitter.
The B.C. coroner's office has confirmed it will hold an autopsy and toxicology report on Monday

An autopsy and toxicology testing has been scheduled for Monday – which will be led by the B.C. coroner's office – in the death of Canadian film and television star Cory Monteith. Results will not be known for several days.

In a press conference held before noon, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) told reporters they don't suspect foul play was an issue in the young star's death, and they believe he was alone in his hotel room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim.

The department also said any talk of drugs is "strictly speculation" at this point. (Monteith had admitted to struggling from substance abuse issues in his past, and also checked himself into rehab in April.)

"All I can tell you is we had no clear cause of death," said B.C. coroner spokesperson Barb McClintock. "End of conversation... (Drugs) were part of his history and he was not exactly secretive about it, but that doesn't necessarily imply that's the cause of death."

Sgt. Randy Fincham, spokesperson for the Vancouver PD, said Monteith returned to his room early in the morning of July 13. He was scheduled to check out that day – and had been staying there since July 6 – and hotel staff found him deceased when they went up to check on him. He was deceased for several hours when he was found.

"I don't know why he was here (in Vancouver)," said Fincham. "I'm not sure if he was in town on personal business or if it was business-related."

Fincham also said the department is interested in hearing from anyone who may have relevant information that may help in their investigation of his death, which is pending awaiting the findings from the coroner's office.

The VPD is awaiting medical findings and also speaking to his family in the coming days.

Vancouver police also said they could not reveal where exactly he was found in the room or if anything was found in the room.

The VPD has asked the media and the public to follow their Twitter account (@VancouverPD) for their updates and the most accurate information, and said they are currently receiving hundreds of phone calls and emails every hour – many of them from media outlets such as and others around the world.

"On a local level, we do recognize that Mr. Monteith is a local celebrity," said Fincham. "There is a huge viewing audience that the Glee does have."

Monteith rose to fame as a star of FOX's show Glee, playing character Finn Hudson. He was also in a relationship with co-star Lea Michele (who has since asked for privacy following Monteith's death) and he was a noted huge Vancouver Canucks fan, often appearing as their games in Rogers Arena or in Los Angeles (with Michele in tow, and also in Canucks garb).

"This has gone from a local story to a national story to an international story... He obviously has a bearing on a lot of people and a lot of families that do watch the program."

The CBC also reported on Monday that Monteith had just completed a Canadian film – a more serious turn from his comedic roles in Glee and Monte Carlo – called All the Wrong Reasons.

"It was a pretty heavy role, very dramatic, very intense, quite a departure from [his Glee character] Finn," said the film's director, Gia Milani, to the CBC. "He was really excited to play it, partially because he could play his own age. He was really looking forward to showing another side of himself."