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HMCS Victoria popping up as training sessions underway

MARPAC says plume of smoke normal for recharging submarine
A submarine surfaced off the shore of Colwood on Monday afternoon spewing smoke. (Photo by Chris Mick Miller)

A smoky submarine surfaced off the waters of the West Shore on Monday afternoon.

With the submarine HMCS Victoria back in service it is now visible during trials in the local waters off Greater Victoria.

On Monday afternoon the Victoria was spotted spewing smoke near Albert Head and local whale watch guide Chris Mick Miller took photos.

Communications officer Janice Lee at Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) said the Victoria has a diesel engine that runs when it surfaces to help charge the sub’s battery and is responsible for a thick exhaust.

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“There is nothing wrong with the submarine,” Lee said.

Don’t be alarmed at seeing the Victoria surface as there haven’t been many Canadian subs training in local waters lately, Lee pointed out.

The Victoria surfaced last week in front of the Fisgard Lighthouse during a training session under the smoky skies that blew in from the Washington wildfires.

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