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Man caught shoplifting from underneath officers’ noses, Victoria police say

Officers were at Mayfair Shopping Centre investigating shoplifting when the theft occurred
Victoria police officers arrested a shoplifting suspect at Mayfair Shopping Centre Jan. 25. (Jane Skrypnek/News Staff)

The Victoria Police Department says two of its officers caught a particularly brazen shoplifter at Mayfair Shopping Centre Tuesday.

The officers were speaking with staff at a store in the mall on Jan. 25, about a recent series of shoplifting incidents, when a man hurried past them. VicPD said the man had his head lowered and was carrying a package partially hidden under his jacket.

He walked past the cash registers and fully-uniformed officers and exited the store.

Noting his suspicious behavior, the officers caught up with the man and found he had stolen products from the store, VicPD said.

He was arrested and released pending a future court date, with conditions banning him from mall property.

The stolen items were returned to the store.

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