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Petition pushes Chandler-Gonzales Pathway

Victoria city council backs feasibility study

Victoria's municipal government took heed of a 650-letter petition in favour of re-opening the Chandler-Gonzales Pathway.

A motion by John Luton, and supported by council, called for a feasibility study of the project. The block-long path starts at Chandler Avenue and ends at Pemberton Park.

The Friends of the Gonzales-Chandler pathway launched a website

The path provided a mid-block route to Margaret Jenkins School until the 1970s, when it closed due to concerns by neighbours, but "the City of Victoria had the foresight to maintain ownership of this land," according to the site.

While council wants to move forward with the path, there could be some massive capital cost issues, warned Coun. Chris Coleman. "We don't want to try and signal that we're going to do it next year."

Neighbours often fear that nearby trails or paths will devalue their houses and increased crime, he said.

"Time and again that gets proved as a false argument as long as there's a good management plan."