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Police and protesters continue to clash at Fairy Creek watershed

Arrest numbers climb sharply at old-growth protest camps
RCMP officers and protesters face off at a camp in Fairy Creek with tripod structures visible in the background. (Submitted by BC RCMP)

Protesters and police continued to clash in the Fairy Creek watershed on Wednesday as the RCMP continued enforcement of the BC Supreme Court injunction that prohibits protests and blockades in the area.

Sometime after police action ended on Tuesday night — around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, according to a post to the ONE DAY to Save the Old Growth Facebook group — about 30 protesters rushed an RCMP access point at a camp in the Granite Mainline Forest Service Road area, setting up wooden tripods.

Police reported that one man attempted to climb a tripod and fell, briefly knocking himself unconscious. He was assessed and transported out of the area by Emergency Health Services. The group stopped its actions and no arrests were made at the time.

When police enforcement resumed later in the day, 17 arrests were made. Police stated that three protesters were removed from tripods, while another three removed themselves from locking devices.

Officers also spent time removing tripod structures, locking devices and road obstructions, and collecting “massive” amounts of garbage at abandoned protest camps.

According to protesters, the lower level of the Headquarters camp was destroyed by excavators and a backhoe, including a kitchen and media area.

Arrest numbers have risen sharply this week, with 33 protesters detained on Monday, 23 on Tuesday and 17 on Wednesday, compared to 16 total reported arrests in the previous week.

Since enforcement of the BC Supreme Court injunction began in May, 597 protesters have been arrested, including at least 39 who have been arrested more than once.

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Kevin Rothbauer

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