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POLICE BRIEFS: Price of copper leads to crime trend

The increasing price of copper has manifested itself on the Victoria crime stage.

Following reports of break-ins to constructions sites across the city where copper wire was stolen, Victoria police arrested two people carrying bags of the metal.

On Sunday, officers stopped a man hauling a 50-kilogram bag of copper wire on Gorge Road. He admitted to stealing the wire.

That same day, a man carrying a duffel bag with copper wire sticking out of it was arrested at Government and Bay streets.

Charges of possessing stolen property were recommended against both men.

Police said the men were not working together, but would likely have tried to sell the metal, which goes for about $4.40 per pound.

 One teen charged in assault spree

A teen, who Victoria police say is solely responsible for a string of assaults in Esquimalt, faced court yesterday.

In early February, five assaults and one robbery were blamed on a group of youth. A child, a teen and three adults were assaulted.

Investigators determined just one was the perpetrator of the violence, said Sgt. Grant Hamilton, a Victoria police spokesperson.

A 17-year-old from Sooke has been charged with robbery, assault and wearing a disguise with intent to commit an offence.

None of the group of about five teens involved are from Esquimalt.

The teen's name cannot be released under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.