Review takes second look at Victoria police officers’ discipline

Two constables reprimanded for actions night man died in jail

Two Victoria police officers who were found to have neglected their duties the night a man died in police cells will have those findings reviewed.

Constables Jason Ince and Jana Hardy were ordered to take extra training on jailhouse policy and given written reprimands by police Chief Jamie Graham.

Ince arrested Kevin John Vigar on June 27, 2009. Vigar died in VicPD’s cells. A Police Act investigation concluded Ince and Hardy neglected their duties when they failed to notice Vigar had consumed a large amount of alcohol in the police van en route to the jail.

Both officers asked for a review on the record or a public hearing into the decision.

Police Complaint Commissioner Stan Lowe agreed July 19 to schedule a review on the record, which is similar to a public hearing but slightly less exhaustive, at a later date.

An adjudicator to oversee the review hasn’t been chosen.