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Saanich cyclist suffers head injuries after crashing into post

On Sunday morning, Saanich police were watching for speeders in the 100-block of the Trans-Canada Hwy., near the Galloping Goose trail.

No matter if you're travelling by car, bike, foot or something else entirely, Saanich police are reminding the public to pay attention to the road.

On Sunday morning, Saanich police were watching for speeders in the 100-block of the Trans-Canada Hwy., where the Galloping Goose trail overpass goes above the highway.

A cyclist travelling at "full speed" rubbernecked to see what the police were doing, and struck a large metal post.

The traffic safety officers witnessed the crash and rushed to help.

The man's head had struck the post, and he was bleeding profusely from one side of his face.

Paramedics attended and brought the 38-year-old Saanich man to hospital.

"There's no doubt (in those officers' minds) that his helmet likely saved him from very serious head injuries, or at worst, saved his life," Sgt. Dean Jantzen said. "This is an excellent example of why we make our children wear helmets, and why, as adults, we should wear them too."

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