Shoddy counterfeit U.S. bills making rounds in Saanich

Obviously fake U.S. $20s, $50s successfully used five times

Poorly made U.S.A. funny money is popping up in Saanich with a number of people successfully passing counterfeit cash at local businesses.

Saanich police spokesperson Steve Eassie described the $20 and $50 bills as “poor quality,” consisting of two pieces of far-too-thick paper being glued together to attempt to emulate transparent security features of the real currency.

“They are obviously counterfeit,” Eassie said.

Eassie warns that under poor lighting or without paying proper attention, a store employee could be duped. Between Dec. 28 and Jan. 3, several different people successfully passed off fake bills five times, and were denied twice.

Despite the bill’s poor quality, the counterfeiters got away with: a $100 pre-paid Mastercard; pizza; a vacuum, electric blanket and sheet set; a $220 gift card; and $150 worth of miscellaneous goods, according to police.

Police are going over surveillance videos in an attempt to make an arrest.

Saanich PD ask any store where these bills are attempted to be used to call the department at 250-475-4321.