‘Special brownies’ leave downtown office building in a buzz

Three people go to hospital for light-headedness

A downtown office building’s security team called Victoria police Monday afternoon (Aug. 29) when three employees suddenly fell ill at once. They complained of light-headedness, disorientation and numb limbs.

A quick investigation found the source of the symptoms in the office fridge: brownies laced with marijuana.

The employees were taken to hospital where a doctor confirmed the diagnosis was intoxication.

The investigating officer talked to the staffer who brought the brownies. She explained she had been cleaning out her freezer, found the brownies and brought them to work to share. She said she wasn’t aware they were so-called special brownies.

The officer went to the woman’s home and had a chat with her son. He admitted to baking the brownies a year ago and had forgotten their presence in the freezer.

Police didn’t press charges against the son or mother, since there was no criminal intent. However, the son will likely be asked to take part in a restorative justice program.



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