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Victoria missing middle public hearing continues Sept. 1 after long opening session

Submissions about housing initiative can still be made, but not directly to council
The yellow zones currently only allow for single-family dwellings. The missing middle initiative looks to change that. (Courtesy of City of Victoria)

The City of Victoria’s public hearing on the missing middle housing initiative will continue on Thursday, Sept. 1.

While single-family homes aren’t going anywhere, the city’s missing middle proposal looks to make it so lots currently zoned for those standalone dwellings could also host smaller multi-family builds.

The initiative would allow for corner townhomes and houseplexes, as well as infill homes on heritage-worthy properties on lots only zoned for single-family homes.

The missing middle proposal also comes with a set of guidelines that aim to ensure that projects fit neighbourhoods and promote livability by including appealing aesthetics, accessibility standards, integrated parking, minimized privacy issues and greenspace.

Written or pre-recorded submissions can be sent via email to or people can physically attend the hearing continuation, which starts at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 1.

Council members cannot receive submissions made directly to them. As Mayor Lisa Helps explained during Thursday’s (Aug. 4) opening session, the hearing is still considered open and anything council hears must be heard by the public and everyone else as well. Council has been directed to delete any emails or turn away anyone who stops them in a coffee shop to talk about the matter.

The Aug. 4 portion of the hearing can be viewed at under the council tab.

For more information on the missing middle initiative, go to

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