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Victoria school board faces potential $1M budget cut

B.C. budget announcement leaves school district unclear of what cuts will need to be made.

The Victoria school district is left in confusion after Tuesday's provincial budget announcement.

B.C. school boards will have to cut $29 million in the next year, and $54 millionover the next two years. These cuts must come from administration and not classrooms, state the budget.

Edith Loring-Kuhanga, Victoria School District 61 chair, said it is unclear what that will mean.

“We have to do an analysis of the budget and then get a better idea of exactly the impact that's going to have on us,” she said. “Right now, just an estimate, we feel it's going to cost us about $1 million.”

She added she is unsure whether the government expects school districts to cut administration, find savings in shared services or a combination of both.

“We know it's going to have a huge impact on us, we just have to figure out how and where it's going to be.”

Carole James, Victora-Beacon Hill MLA said she thinks school boards have already “cut to the bone.”

“Any further cuts are going to impact students and impact classrooms,” she said.

Rob Fleming, Victoria-Swan Lake MLA said he thinks British Columbians were expecting the government to invest more in education.

“The K to 12 ministry, after so much chaos, did not get the resources that our classrooms need,” he said.


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