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VIDEO: Cougars lounging, dining in Colwood yards

B.C. Conservation Services consistently reminds residents Vancouver Island is cougar country
A pair of cougars lounge in a Colwood back yard April 23. (Alex Labute/Facebook)

Sunday brunch took on new meaning for a Colwood neighbourhood after one resident spotted a cougar with its catch in the driveway April 23.

Chelsea Amaris Lee posted a video to alert the neighbourhood between the Esquimalt Lagoon and the Royal Roads University forest.

A pair of cougars was also reported in the area Sunday morning, with photos of the two cats relaxing in a Colwood back yard.

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The B.C. Conservation Services consistently reminds residents that the majority of Vancouver Island is considered cougar country. Sightings are not uncommon.

“Roaming pets are considered easy prey for cougars. Pet owners are encouraged to supervise animals when outside, bring pets in at night and not feed pets outside,” the service told Black Press Media in March.

In the event of a cougar encounter, WildSafeBC advises picking up any children, acting big, and slowly backing away to give the cougar a clear escape route.

If the cougar follows, respond aggressively by making loud noises, maintaining eye contact and grabbing any nearby sticks and rocks to use as weapons. If a cougar attacks, fight back.

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