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What Victoria residents are looking to buy while social distancing

New search terms pop up on the the top 100 list
New items like desks, toilet paper and gym equipment have moved up the top 100 searches list on (Screenshot/

People in Victoria are taking orders to stay home seriously if the searches on are any indication.

In the last two weeks, the website has seen new search terms break the top 100.

According to a statement from, popular searches have included desks, possibly for those setting up home offices. The company said desks are often in the top 15 on its sites but in the last two weeks, home office equipment has moved up to number five.

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Those looking to keep active while at home have been busy looking for weights, weight benches, barbells and dumbells as gyms and recreation centres have closed. These terms never made the top 100 in the months before but combined, there have been more than 2,700 searches for them lately, placing home gyms at number four on the list. Treadmills were number 100.

Gamers are also searching more, according to The Nintendo Switch has been at about number 29 for months but jumped to number three in the last two weeks. Joining them in the top 100 for the first time in months is the PlayStation 4 at number 15 and XBox at number 98.

Toilet paper hit number two with more than 3,000 searches in the last four weeks and hand sanitizer made the top 100 with 800 searches. The terms have never been in the top 100 and those items have been banned to prevent price gouging.

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The one constant in all of this is firewood, which remains the site’s number one search term.

Brand names like Toyota, Ikea, BMW and Jeep – which are often on the top 10 – have dropped off the list but are still performing well.

There was also a spike in searches for freezers, perhaps to store more food.

However, the most interesting new term debuting at number 86 on the list is chickens.

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