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WorkSafe BC checks on asbestos removal at home demolition in Langford

Resident worried about potential health concerns as house demos occur

A Langford resident who lives near properties being cleared of houses, for development proposals that include four residential towers, expressed concerns after observing what he believed was asbestos insulation lying on the ground during a recent demolition.

“I’m literally freaked out about asbestos in the air because of my wife’s health issues,” said Sunderland Avenue resident Rick Cuthbert. “These homes were all built in the ’50s, so we believe there’s asbestos in them.”

A spokesperson for Langford’s building inspection department confirmed that several inquiries had been received about asbestos removal at the site.

The city advised anyone with concerns to contact WorkSafe BC, as they are responsible for that.

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A spokesperson for WorkSafe BC confirmed there were inspections completed on Sept. 1 and 10 at 840 Arncote Ave., one of about a dozen sites where homes are being demolished.

According to WorkSafe BC, the employer, Bola Contracting, was issued two orders to provide records of work. The first was complied with at the time of inspection, and the other order was rescinded after WorkSafe BC determined records on the daily inspection of containment were already available.


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