An epitaph for the NDP

Cheap is out, expensive is in! Pay more for less! It’s the NDP motto – for you, for me, for B.C., for Canada. The revolutionary regime of the NDP is coming to an end, as a generation of socially conscious idealists realize, oh crap, I need to afford my own retirement.

Although we were once inspired by the party’s courageous and tenacious anti-imperialist tendencies that traded the statues made of marble, granite and gold-incised lettering for modest and temporary expressions, we matured and saw the hypocrisy of the social democracy as practised by Glen Clark and other disciples such as Adrian Dix, which would be enough to turn Che Guevara into Milton Friedman.

Residents have every reason to not want to be undercut by NDP ideologies, just as the barbarian hordes had every reason to protest the Great Wall of China. But, since we’re the taxpayers, we should give a damn about our own profit margins.

It isn’t premature to dismiss the NDP. Its critique of the excesses, its contradictions and idolatries can be heard through a more tempered and balanced voice that doesn’t preach social conscious yet has no economic system that is good enough to be workable.

William Perry