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Answers to cost of living can be found in history

During the Great Depression, all people chipped it to resuscitate the economy. Such is not the case today.

I remember a time when I was talking to my father and asked him, “What did they do to help bring us out of the Depression?” His reply was, “First they banned overtime and created the eight-hour workday. This created more jobs for people so these people had money to spend.”

Workers, to save the employer money, need to increase their productivity. This can be done by pointing out areas of inefficiency. Employers, at the same time, must be willing to listen to and accept these ideas.

If we lower our prices, workers do not need a raise. The loss in profits can be made up by the increase in productivity.

We are going through a technological revolution right now. I think we need to look back in history to the time of the Industrial Revolution and look at some of the issues it created. I believe we will find some of the same things happening now.

Don’t you think it’s better to learn from history than repeat it?

Jim Bates