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Better signage and promotion

The problem with business in Sidney is the same problem experienced everywhere

The proponents for two way traffic on Beacon Avenue in Sidney believe that business will improve if the present system is changed.

It is more likely that business will suffer, as part of the charm of Sidney is the pedestrian friendly nature of the town.

That is because of the narrow street, the ease of crossing, the ease of parking, and the safety inherent in the system.

The street is not wide enough to allow angle parking and parallel parking on both sides would create unhappy drivers and fewer visitors and customers. Think of the difference between Beacon west of Fifth Street and east of Fifth. Which do you prefer?

Proponents want us to believe the U.S. ferry traffic should be directed to Beacon. Of course people heading to Sidney know where they are going while the vast majority of ferry users are on their way elsewhere.

Ask yourself, how often do you  drive off a ferry and immediately stop and park?

Of course people coming off the B.C. ferry love the one way street because it is user friendly for drivers and pedestrians.

The problem with business in Sidney is the same problem experienced everywhere. There is and has been a world wide recession with impacts at the local level. A shift in the traffic pattern on Beacon would do nothing to change that fact. For many citizens of Sidney and the greater Victoria area the town would be less appealing. You might as well head for Uptown.

Rather than throwing away much of the appeal of Sidney, which is its charm and quirkiness, let’s try better signage and better promotion.

Barry Bell