Columnist should do more research on Greens

Tom Fletcher fails to see key points in Green party's policies

Re: It’s actually still easy being Green (B.C. Views, April 10)

Tom Fletcher’s editorial criticizing the B.C. Greens’ policies is ill-informed and misses some key points that voters should be aware of. The Greens’ policy is based on evidence-based decision-making, not political whims and the latest polling results.

Fighting climate change and protecting ecosystems are indeed key tenets of the Green platform. Any credible economist will tell you a healthy natural environment is the backbone of a strong economy and healthy, resilient communities.

Supporting the carbon tax and increasing it, while expanding its scope, is cited by economists and policymakers around the world as a key policy tool in the fight against climate change. In B.C., our economy remained very strong under the carbon tax system while our per-capita emissions have fallen over the same period.

Countries including Australia and many European countries have implemented national carbon tax systems and many have also seen a corresponding drop in emissions, with little or no detrimental effects on their economies. Even China is now working on a carbon tax system.

And the doubling of protected areas in B.C. is the minimum called for by biologists if we want to save critical habitat to ensure the survival of key species, including grizzlies, spirit bears, marbled murrelets and salmon. It is not simply a policy designed to appeal to urban voters longing for the great outdoors.

The Greens offer a viable alternative for voters who have lost faith in both the Liberals (backed by big corporate donors) and the NDP (backed by big unions).

The Greens are fielding a slate of very respectable candidates in this election, including world-renowned University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver, who has a very good chance of winning in Oak Bay-Gordon Head.

The Greens should be considered a credible “third way” for those concerned about whether we can protect our environment and have a strong economy.

Rita Fromholt