Debate rages on over 9/11 theories

Building 7 falling speed still an unresolved issue

Re: Taking aim at reader’s 9/11 building theory (Letters, Oct. 4)

Mr. Simpson’s statements regarding 9/11 are misleading and devoid of scientificfacts.  The official 9/11 report compiled by The National Institute of Standards and Technology, admits that building 7 fell at free fall speed for 2.5 to 3 seconds.  This has been verified by thousands of Architects, Engineers, and Physicists around the world.  Anyone who understands basic physics knows that for those 2.5 seconds there had to be absolutely zero resistance beneath.  This is not a theory, this is science, and the official government report has admitted it.

Furthermore, Mr Simpson states that there is no documentation of Thermite or a derivative being used in a controlled demolition, and therefore leads the reader to believe that it couldn’t possibly be done. I’d like to remind Mr. Simpson that before 9/11, (and since) there was no documentation of a steel framed skyscraper collapsing due to fire, yet this is exactly what NIST claimed happened to building 7, a 47 storey skyscraper.

For an alternative view to Mr. Simpson’s theories, visit where over 2,500 architects and engineers from around the world are calling for a new independent investigation.

Trevor Overbury