Esquimalt referendum will make council accountable

Esquimalt policing should go to a referendum to sort out VicPD question

It is time to put the Esquimalt police issue aside until after the election and press the new council to have an open administration going forward.

We should be looking at the referendum on the town square. The process for this project has been flawed from the beginning.

Yes, there were open houses and many people spoke on the subject voicing their opinions and ideas, but no one seemed to be listening.

The open houses only asked which of three versions of one layout was preferred and didn’t offer a choice for “none of the above.”

The new council will be bound by the outcome of the referendum, so let’s all use that opportunity and say “no” on election day.

It’s your opportunity to make council listen and act according to the voice of the taxpayers.

Rod Lavergne