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Esquimalt’s heroes found in archive

Esquimalt has many heroes as is evident in the actions and deeds of the personnel at CFB Esquimalt, both in the present and past.

All of these heroic efforts, by both the military and the civilian population of Esquimalt, have been carefully documented by the unsung heroes at the Esquimalt Archives.

One can only speculate how many customers enjoying the good taste of McDonald’s at Esquimalt Plaza realize they also have an opportunity to visit the archives nearby.

Upon doing so, they would discover a treasure trove of archival material with knowledgeable staff to welcome and assist visitors.

It would be ideal to consider a more suitable location for such invaluable documents and pictures as a project to celebrate the anniversary of Esquimalt in 2012.

Citizens of Esquimalt unite to protect the archives!

Betty Mulvey


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